How to Reach Us:

Simply call our main number at (215) 672-7070. For your convenience  we have an automated phone system that allows you to navigate to the appropriate department or speak directly to a receptionist during normal business hours. 


If the office is closed you may leave a message for the appropriate department or have the on-call physician paged. Our doctors are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To page the physician on-call, simply pick prompt number six whichwill put you into an automated voice mail box. This allows you to leave a detailed message concerning your medical need. Once the message is completed the phone system pages the on-call physician and they will have access to your message and respond as appropriate.


If you do not need an immediate response and just have a question or concern please contact us and we can sign you up for the patient portal. The patient portal is a way to send non urgent secure messages to our office. The average office response is within 2 business days.


Patient Portal

Patient Resources

Our new Patient Health Portal is full of benefits:

  • View Health Records

  • View Appointments

  • View Patient Education

  • View Lab Reports

  • Request Refills from your doctor and more

Call our office today to get access to your Patient Health Portal.

(215) 672-7070.

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